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About The Tests

Below is a list of information about the test types your doctor may referral you for.

Peripheral Arterial Study

If your doctor has refereed you for a peripheral arterial study the first investigation involves measuring arterial pressures of your arms and legs using a simple blood pressure cuffs and a portable Doppler machine. This is combined with a treadmill exercise test at a gentle pace for 5 mins. The arterial pressure are then measured again on the completion of the treadmill excercise. A nurse is with you at all times during the investigation. Allow 45 mins for the test.

If the test is abnormal or you do not complete the treadmill test then you may be given another appointment for further testing for abnormal and/or peripheral arterial duplex scanning. It is not always possible to have the duplex scanning done on the same day since the scan can take from 30 mins to 60 mins.

Note: Please let the booking clerk know if you use a walking stick, frame, need a wheelchair or need assistance walking.